Pre Construction Services
With a focus on value, quality, timeliness and savings, MacroCons works to integrate the efforts of the client with the project and design teams early on in the construction process by providing ongoing technical support and feedback critical to eliminating unnecessary costs and scheduling delays.

Preconstruction Services offered include but are not limited to: cost analysis, schedule development, construction feasibility and design evaluation, permits processing, guaranteed maximum price procurement, and project coordination.

General Contracting Services:
With over 35 years of construction experience in Southern California, MacroCons has solidified a broad range of relationships within the construction community. Reinforced by its commitment to quality and timeliness, MacroCons has the expertise and means to complete projects on-time and on-budget.

General Contracting Services offered include but are not limited to: contract administration, scheduling, billing and payments processing, project coordination, and quality control.

Construction Management Services
With trust and confidence, MacroCons manages and oversees the planning, design and construction process from start to finish. Construction management services include awarding contracts, materials procurement, costs and schedule monitoring, reporting, and project coordination. Holding no sub or prime contracts, MacroCons can operate as a general or multiple-prime contractor as desired by the client.


MacroCons has an unyielding commitment to providing first-class work in a clean and safe environment. MacroCons employs a dedicated Safety Coordinator to implement the company’s comprehensive Injury and Illness Prevention Program. This program is aimed at achieving standards higher than the existing safety regulations and is designed to accomplish the following:

Daily Inspections
Safety Coordinator or Superintendent makes one (1) complete safety inspection of the project each day and documents safety violations and recommendations for immediate correction and compliance by subcontractors and sub-subcontractors.

Weekly Meetings
Subcontractors and sub-subcontractors are required to hold Weekly Safety meetings with their crews. Copies of those meetings including safety subject discussed and attendance are submitted to the MacroCons site Superintendent or Safety Coordinator.

Employee Safety Training
Each MacroCons employee is given a review of the safety manual, procedures and guidelines and is subsequently trained to follow safety protocol.

Hazard and Risk Mitigation
MacroCons provides its employees with personal protective equipment, provides safety training and conducts regular inspections and meetings in order to increase the safety of all employees and onsite workers.